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Things have been crazy busy around here. We went to Cordoba last weekend and visited cathedrals and the ruins of castles. It was also the fisrt time I have heard people english since being in Spain. It was pretty surreal to hear things being said in the background and then it taking me a moment to realize it was english!

Only 2 more weeks of class and then my mom will be here. We´re going to take off for Portugal for a few days and then I need to come back to present my ethonography project.

My bartender Antoñio gave me my first ¨man to man¨ talk the other day about not having sex until marriage, working hard in school, getting a good job, and then settling down. He was a little drunk, and then told me that I should not have sex before marriage, but if I do, I should definitely never, ever sleep with whores. Uh. But by his definition, if they are sleeping with me before marriage, then, well, you get the idea. He´s a crazy old guy the age of my grandpa and I´m pretty sure if I knew him anywhere else, I might not like him. But his wife feeds me free food and he tells crazy old jokes and I find the two of them pretty endearing.

My flatmates and I moved our mattresses out onto our back balcony this weekend and have been sleeping out there every night. We fall asleep to the sounds of the bats beeping and wake up the birds cooing and the sun beating down our bodies and I have a hard time even thinking about going home. It is finally warming up here, and just in the last few days I´ve got some color on my skin.

This weekend Paloma, Danielle, and I are heading to Almeria to spend some time on the beach. I haven´t seen the ocean since somewhere between Barcelona and Valencia which was something like 6 weeks ago. Time flies and goes slowly. It is a strange feeling.



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